Security cameras installed to avoid problems

Security cameras installed to avoid problems Mitrovica - The new academic year for secondary school students of Mitrovica began without... 1/1
Napisao M-Magazine Petak, 13 Januar 2012 | 10:23

Mitrovica - The new academic year for secondary school students of Mitrovica began without school uniforms, replacing them with the ID, by the order of the  director of the Directorate of Education in the municipality of Mitrovica

This school year begins with much disagreement from many students and professors of this school for the removal of uniforms. But we will see how this school year will end.  Two big fights have occurred in early November in the gymnasium "Frang Bardhi”, which broke out by the students, and then continued with the inclusion of people outside the school " Frang Bardhi ".  Deputy Principal of the gymnasium spoke about the safety in the school and said: "There is a security in our school that would be sufficient even with the engagement of the teachers, because this year and as well previously, the Directorate of Education has hired two police officers without uniform who are on duty until 15:00 p.m. 

In the school facility there were also installed sixteen cameras observing the school  facility night and day". The Deputy also stated that the gymnasium would need to hire one psychologist and one pedagogue.

“School uniforms which have been worn for some time really helped us in identifying the students, not only in school, but also in town. At that time the wrongdoers could not enter the school because they were easily identified. Now we possess identification cards, but some people get identification cards from the students and try to enter the gymnasium. It remains to be desired to have back again the uniforms and whether they need modification".

On this issue, Mi2 Magazine took the statement of the Kosovo police spokesman for the Mitrovica region, Besim Hoti, who told us: "Kosovo police intervened in the reported case of the fight of a group of students, when one student had suffered serious injury, as the same had two teeth broken. In total 8 people were arrested and one of them was detained in police facilities, to initiate the filing of a criminal offense for causing serious bodily injury and breach of public peace and order, Hoti said.

Regarding the number of police officers at the schools, Hoti said that "it should be made clear that it could not be imagined the future of the schools with physical presence of a large number of policemen in front of school facilities, because police actions in school facilities are limited. 

The person who made the decision on revocation of the uniforms, Ali Bejta, director of the Directorate of Education, blames the school personnel. "Badges are the best for identification; there is a picture and a name on it, which identifies the student. To blame is the school principal and its personnel for they do not control the students, where a great part do not carry a badge and enter the gymnasium, "he says. 

After the fighting, in the gymnasium “Frang Bardhi” there were installed security cameras. The Principal noted that this is a project that will continue, and they were installed not just because of the fight, but because it has been planned before. “Secondary schools in Mitrovica and the school “Skënderbeu” this year will be equipped with cameras, whereas next year they will be installed in seven or eight other schools of Mitrovica”.

Z.K. a parent, who has a child in this school, thinks that "there must be a greater security in schools and it should be much more active since the problems that occur in schools are not good at all.”I heard they put cameras in the gymnasium and I believe they would have more impact in preventing such problems," he says. 

According to him, it would be the best to hold several lectures to the students of that school, especially to those who are troublemakers, on the topic, "The violence".  Also there must be hired a school psychologist who would at least once a week have talks with troublemakers, and for sure will have an impact on their improvement.