Ban of UNMIK-Kosovo import

Ban of UNMIK-Kosovo importPristina - With the aim of raising awareness and timely information as well as... 1/1
Napisao M-Magazine Petak, 27 April 2012 | 10:40

Pristina - With the aim of raising awareness and timely information as well as contributing to the business community in decision making, Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with representatives of the Trade Inspectorate and Department of Trade at the MTI, and the Customs Service today held its next meeting with import enterprises from the business community, in relation to information about addressing the problems of naming UNMIK / Kosovo, which still applies to importation of products from neighboring states, particularly of products from Serbia.

Ruzhdi Shehu, trade chief inspector, informed the businesses that MTI as from May 1, 2012 will start banning the importation of products, which on the declaration form of goods bear the inscription of the name UNMIK / Kosovo, and that on these declarations forms must be placed official denomination of state - Kosova, according to legal provisions provided by applicable laws (Law on Internal Trade and Consumer Law).
He also stressed that the product declaration labels must be written in the official language and bear the name of the importer or distributor for Kosovo.

From numerous discussions the business community supported the request of MTI that implementation on the border of the inscription on imported product declaration labels to start from May 1, while the transitional deadline of the improvement and harmonization with this label and the products which are in stock and in the domestic market, be 3 months.