Vehicle that move itself

Vehicle that move itselfSoon you will be able to go to work, on vacation or at the place you desire without...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Thursday, 27 October 2011 | 08:34

Soon you will be able to go to work, on vacation or at the place you desire without getting tired . Will be enough only for you to get in the car because they will move itself.  


Based on a news story of the magazine "Focus BBC" "Google" vehicle which moves itself possesses various sensors which serve to understand the location and position of obstacles appearing by the road, reports Zhurnal.Above the vehicle there is a LIDAR (Light and regulatory determinant) laser scanner. This device cannot be seen, distributes 64 beam and with the help of rays obtained by collision with surrounding objects, provides distance and time between his and other vehicles.

LIDAR system can determine the objects in a distance approximately 60m. Objects, pedestrians or vehicles that are farther determine radars located in front, rear and in sides of the car.While we cannot forget the camera above the mirror with its help the objects are turned into three dimensional. These are compared with data recorded detailed map registered by the vehicle which moves in the same road. In this way allows the recognition of road signs and traffic lights from the car without a driver.

Car without a driver have passed 22 thousand miles until today in California, and has successfully moved on the highway. Vehicles that move it can reduce the risk of accidents and traffic congestion.This technology developed in "Google" by Sebastian Thrun, head of the artificialintelligence laboratory at Stanford University is approved by the laws of Nevada area in the U.S