Europa League Trophy at Madrid!

Europa League Trophy at Madrid!An eerie final match ended similar as it was in a previous year – with a hero...Photo 1/13
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Written by Lulzim Hakaj Thursday, 10 May 2012 | 12:33

An eerie final match ended similar as it was in a previous year – with a hero called Radamel Falcao, and his year, with different club.

Atletico Madrid – Athletic Bilbao
Result- 3:0

(7’, 34’ Falcao)
(85’ Diego)

For the second successive season Falcao was the star of the show. Twelve months ago
it was FC Porto, but this was Club Atletico de Madrid’s year. He Switch from Portugal to
Spain last summer and he admits what others thinking about his move. When I moved
to Atlético many people said I was making a mistake – I've waited for this moment to tell
them that the mistake was all theirs, for saying that.”
He continues: "I can't do justice to just how happy I am. I owe it to the team, they
helped me a lot. I think the pressure we managed to put on them when they were on
the ball was key, in every area of the pitch. It's a dream come true. I'm just speechless,
unable to describe all this: to have won the Europa League with two different clubs, and
above all to be the top scorer two years running."
However, Falcao scores 12 times this season, adding to the record haul of 17 scores
with Porto in previous season, he got 29 goals in as many games in this competition.

Coaches thought after the final match:

“Tonight we showed what Atlético are about – a fast team, strong defensively and I'm
very proud of this.” - Diego Simeone.

“We didn't defend well, we weren't decisive in attack and we were less than what we
can be. This is clearly my responsibility.” - Marcelo Bielsa.