Today in Zvecan the Employment Fair in Zvecan

Today in Zvecan the Employment Fair in ZvecanIn the organization of the Branch of the National Employment Service in Mitrovica in...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Wednesday, 25 April 2012 | 12:29

In the organization of the Branch of the National Employment Service in Mitrovica in Zvecan was held the fourth employment fair, of education and practice.

ZVECAN, April 2012 A this year's employment fair took part 22 employers from the municipalities of northern and central Kosovo, which have expressed the need for 56 workers. For the first time this year, at the employment fair was presented a large number of elementary, middle and high schools. "The organization of the employment fair, education and practice in one place is the result of collaboration with the school administration office of the Ministry of Education in the northern part of Mitrovica and the University in Pristina with the intention to mitigate in imbalance in the labor market supply and demand of labor force.

Professional high schools have had an opportunity to present their educational profiles to intend in order to help high school students that on time to focus towards those professions which are demanded in the labor market or the one that will help them to faster find job", said Director of the National Employment Danijela Vujicic. She added that this year was given the special attention and improvement of skills and prequalification programs".

Employment fair with direct contact of persons seeking employment and employers satisfaction of personnel needs of employers and faster employment of unemployed people, and provides the marketingá support to the entrepreneurs in order to improve their products and services, promotion of employment and connecting all relevant factors for the development of enterprise-employer-NES-state-local Self Government authorities and educational institutions.

Based on previous experience of NES, over 50 percent of people who have found work through the fair, have remained permanent employee", says Vujicic. In the National Employment Agency noted that currently the most demanded occupations are cabinet makers, joiners, masons and welders. Beside the employer are the biggest number and high schools which have actively participated, in the fair of employment, education and practice was attended by representatives of many important institutions which within their framework of jurisdiction, together with NES can affect in decreasing of the number of unemployed in this area.

Miljan Obradocvić, 33 year-old lawyer from Mitrovica said that the fair is a great idea but that for lawyers simply there is no longer job because they are too many. Maja Popovic finished high school of economics are the biggest number andá I am jobless over 10 years "In the service they say that middle andá high school students are the biggest number andá the demand is almost zero. Until I find a permanent job, I work everything they will soon apply in a project in an NGO. Although I have not found a job in this fair, I think it is great that is organized. At least someone will have more luck than me", said Popovic.