Procurer who has made 300 engagements

Procurer who has made 300 engagements Mitrovica – He started the role of procurer for the first time when he engaged his...Photo 1/1
Written by Gjeneta Damati Monday, 30 April 2012 | 10:37

Mitrovica – He started the role of procurer for the first time when he engaged his niece from Bajgora to a young man from the village in the vicinity, and his métier he has continued to practice successfully for about 30 years.

This is Bajram Musliu, from the village Zasellë of Mitrovica, known as Bajram Zasella, who during this time has been 600 times a procurer, out of which 303 times with success. 
"I have been almost in all villages of the Mitrovica region, but also in many villages and towns of Kosovo. I usually had a good time and never had problems, "he says.

This unusual craftsman of engagement, who is over 70 years old, says that there is no unusual thing about his work.

"Before going to procure I initially learn in advance some basic things about families and their traditions. I have made lots of acquaintance because of the nature of the activity I carry out. I usually choose words of praise about the family of a young man who send me for procurer. I praise the family, their son and ask to be decided as soon as possible, because otherwise there are people who speak evil and could spoil the deal ", Musliu explained.

Of the cases that remained in his memory, he mentions betrothal of a boy who had physical problems with legs and arms. He was the son of a procurer’s cousin, who always found the way in cases when it seemed impossible.  According to him, by chance he had an idea for such a thing, several weeks after had seen the boy. He
happened to be in one wedding party and have noticed a young girl dancing, but she could not raise her hand up.

"I noticed a girl dancing. She was beautiful and young, but she could not raise her hand up.  I found out who her mother was. I called her mother and asked why she does not raise her hand. She told me that her daughter is disabled.  I immediately reacted by asking whether her daughter was engaged. Upon hearing that she was not, then I said to her that we could find a man and her mother was very delighted. 

"After several days I went to cousin's house and said to her if she was making a good breakfast I would engaged her son.  She felt glad but said her son was a cripple. I am aware, I told her. Then I took the boy, my cousin and her daughter and went to the girl home. We entered inside and they saw each other. They all agreed. Now they are married and have children, " Musli, very excited, said.

The procurer known in Mitrovica region speaks about many interesting cases when he engaged boys and girls. He says that for young man he is paid 200 euros, while for the elderly, widows, etc., the price depends on how much they can afford.  Bajram Zasella, who is also known as wedding dancer, says that of 303 cases he has engaged, only 5 cases have had problems and couples were divorced. For all the cases he takes notes and has a list of all of them. He says the business is still going well and has no intension to stop.