May 1 (Labour Day) leaves Shala in a pile of garbage

May 1 (Labour Day) leaves Shala in a pile of garbageMitrovica - While in various countries of the world, May 1 – Labour Day was marked...Photo 1/8
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Written by Florije Ademi Friday, 04 May 2012 | 14:37

Mitrovica - While in various countries of the world, May 1 – Labour Day was marked with protests due to various problems that workers are facing, in Kosovo, where unemployment is much higher than in these countries (about 60%), and this date was marked with camping and picnics.

Scout Sport Club "Trepca" for the fourth time have organized the camp to mark the traditional Labour Day, which was held in Bajgora, pitching tents a day earlier in an open area.

Besnik Hyseni, member of the club, tells this year around 60 persons aged 16-20 participated, mainly students of Mitrovica region.†
"In this camp there were held lectures on the organization of the camp, environment protection, safety and cleanliness in the camp by its participants", Hyseni stressed.

†After their activities, participants left the green area in previous condition.†
But the opposite has happened with other green areas that were used by residents of municipalities of Kosovo, who spent the day in Shala of Bajgora.

Photos taken in this area lead to suspicions that you are dealing with a landfill, rather than meadows of Shala residents that live in vicinity.
This has caused concern to nearby residents who have not hesitated to turn to the Emergency Centre about this problem.

“Until May 3 nobody dealt with lots of waste left in all locations they have used and polluted our environment, " Maliq Beqiri, a resident of the village Bajgora said.
Meanwhile, Susanna, a student from Mitrovica, which was her first time to be in this village to mark this day, said "This was the first time but also the last that I have come to Bajgora on May 1. It's a shame how much they polluted it."††

Asked about this problem, the municipal director of environment in Mitrovica, Gani Rrustemi says the responsibility of this department is only to create green areas, cleaning of Lushta and Trepca rivers.
However the municipal spokesman Ahmet Jashari said it is needed to hire a waste management company “Uniteti”, in order to clear the environment from the waste that were† dumped by visitors during May 1 holiday.

"Many areas that are used in the mountains of Shala are areas impassable for big trucks, therefore it is difficult to intervene, whereas where vehicles manage to reach, it is easy to act," Jashari said.†
The number of visitors was to big that day. Police authorities had to engage the Regional Traffic Unit, for the regulation of traffic, because the number of cars, according to police spokesman, Besim Hoti, was too big blocking the road.