Hearing restores after more than 20 years

Hearing restores after more than 20 yearsMitrovica – He had almost lost hope of hearing again without hearing aid, but almost...Photo 1/1
Written by Gjeneta Damati Thursday, 10 May 2012 | 13:39

Mitrovica – He had almost lost hope of hearing again without hearing aid, but almost accidentally a miracle happened, because Nexhmi Muja from Mitrovica, who has worn the hearing aid for six years, has sought medical help after having pain in the ear, not having idea he would get the medication.

He has had many medical checks, but after all, he was forced to wear a hearing aid, since
he had many problems without it. The hearing problems began at his youth age. When he
was 18 he had spontaneously noticed first signs of hearing problems.

“Troubles started in 1985, and one year later I joined the army, where I did all my tests.
They proposed me to undergo a surgical intervention, but I refused. I was not dismissed
from the service though I could not hear. They thought I was pretending” he told to M -

He tells that in 1988 he moved to Switzerland to his brother, where he had ​many medical


"I stayed there three months and during that time have had ​many tests, but also a surgical
intervention. Then for ten years I have not had any problem, but after a while the hearing
problems appeared again “, he said.

Muja was forced again to wear hearing aids for 6 years on, and in 2007 after a problem
with hearing aid that hurt his ear, he went to doctor Shaqir Demiri, otolaryngologist. After
several examinations, the doctor has suggested him a surgical intervention.

"I accepted and got operated. After few days I noticed improvement. Then I had no need
at all to wear the aid, and I hear without any problem now, " Nexhmi says, father of three

He is very happy about this and grateful to the doctor Shaqir Demiri, adding that he never
hoped he could ever hear without hearing aid.

On the other hand, doctor Demiri, told our Magazine that after examination, he had noted
the patient had a significant deviation of nasal bone. According to him, this deviation had
blocked patient’s both tubes, ventilation ducts of the middle ear chamber.

"This condition had caused Nexhmi all the hearing problems ", Demiri said, considering
classic methods of examination very important for health problems.