Has Kastrati violated Municipal Statute?

Has Kastrati violated Municipal Statute? Mitrovica, Maj, 2011 – Although a great fuss was made about the violation of legal...Photo 1/1
Written by 69 Thursday, 26 May 2011 | 08:58

Mitrovica, Maj, 2011 – Although a great fuss was made about the violation of legal provisions by establishing of two directorates last year in Mitrovica Municipality, the mayor of Mitrovica, Avni Kastrati, repeated a same thing this year, by establishing two more directorates without approval of amended Statute.

Besides the establishment of the Directorate of Environment and Directorate of Procurement, and after he took the office of the mayor, few months ago he divided the Directorate of Cadastre from Urbanism and recently he established the Directorate for Integration and Social Welfare. On the other hand, the opposition party keep contesting, being assure for existence of  legal provisions violation, thus the issue of new directorates is expected to be reviewed by justice authorities. Safet Kamberi, from LDK caucus said to M-Magazine that this political subject from the first day opposed the establishment of new directorate, since there has been Statute violation. Kamberi said that LDK caucus is preparing a dossier to address to District Court in Mitrovica, in order to get it engaged with this issue.

On the other hand, Avni Kastrati, mayor of Mitrovica, said there is no need to ask somebody for advice regarding the directorates. He justifies the establishment of new directorates with a need that they have to exist. “Mitrovica needs to have a Directorate of Environment, like other Municipalities of Kosovo do. It is also needed a Directorate of Procurement, which is criticized for corruption. Cadastre absolutely had to be divided from Urbanism, due to the conflict of interest, whereas the Directorate for Integration and Social Welfare is needed due to the return of citizens from Europe that will occurs in the days to come” Kastrati said.  Whereas, Mustafë Pllana, municipal assembly member from LDK, besides the violation of legal provisions, he is concerned about a large number of directorates and their large cost

He explains he has warned the authorities that the inherited statute was not duly, and it should be amended, due to conflict of interest, as it was the case with the Directorate of Urbanism and Cadastre, but coalition parties established the directorate of Environment, which he does not contest, but there has been a division of the Directorate of Agriculture and Environment that was not overloaded.  “Our coalition partner AKR benefited from this division, because these two directorates belong to them. Next comes the Directorate of Procurement, which does not solve the problem because of appointment of new director, but it should have a completed structure” Pllana said.   

As for the division of Directorate of Cadastre from Urbanism, he claims it was asked earlier by the opposition, but they were late in filing the request. However, he added that these directorates have spent the budget, without the amendment of the Statute, the expenses not planned in due time. Even though Pllana is concerned for the number of directorates, because of high cost, he says they are found in such situation that requires a solution, which can be done if the Statute amendments are made in the assembly. In the last assembly meeting it was decided to bring up the statute for public debate, with the number of directorates, their titles, job description and the tasks, while position suggested not to introduce directorates’ names and tasks in the Statute. Pllana says the Statute should contain economical finance, which is not contained in it, and also it should include that the Municipality has the right to get into debts, which was not included either.