Town of poverty

Nehat Uka, 31 years old, is a graduated lawyer. He studied law at the University of...Photo 1/1
Written by 62 Friday, 08 April 2011 | 00:00

Nehat Uka, 31 years old, is a graduated lawyer. He studied law at the University of Pristina, but his diploma is still just a "souvenir" to him.

So far he has applied several times for job and has been reported in the employment office. After application, he has been called several times in interviews but, that was all. He remains still a jobseeker. For the time being he is doing a tutorial with a lawyer in Mitrovica and remains to be optimistic that he will find a job. "I graduated from law faculty. I applied in some competitions for a position; however it is difficult to find a job. I applied several times and have been called in the interview, but the postion was given to someone else. I applied in some ministries, judicial councils, but I am still unemployed, “Uka said.. He also said that as lon long as someone helps him to get employment; it will be difficult to find a job, though he remains to be optimistic for better days for him.

"I say, at the present, one can hardly find a job without having a relative, nevertheless, I hope for justice and remain optimistic about better days," Uka said. The same fate as Nehat’s also has thousands of his fellow citizens. The number of unemployed registered in the Centre for Employment is 25 433, a number which remains the highest in Kosovo. Head of the Regional Employment Center, Ramadan Kelmendi, said that last year no job seeker was wanted for the job and that is why Mitrovica remains the poorest city in Kosovo.. "Last year, no worker of any vocation was wanted from us, either of public or private.sector.  The year 2010 has not brought economic development to Mitrovica. On the contrary, many businesses with local capital left this town, whereas international investment was missing and unemployment in the town remains at high level, “Ramadani said.

However at the Centre for Social Welfare say that demands for social assistance are increasing every day.  According to Behije Mazhiqi, the coordinator for social assistance, the year 2010 is completed with 2,458 families eligible for social assistance and, just in three months of 2011, the number of these families is raised to 2499. "During the year 2010 there were 2458 families who have received social assistance and this number now in month of March 2011, is raised to 2499 family," said Mazhiqi. According to her, the number of requests for social assistance always increases as a result of poverty and unemployment.. "The number of requests is growing every day more and more. Only in February of this year there have been 45 requests, while 23 requests were approved, “Mazhiqi said. Whereas the monthly amount of these families receiving social assistance ranges from 40 to 80 euros