They may suffer for bread!

Mitrovicė – Ajeti family, consisting of 15 members, from Mitrovica will now be added a...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Friday, 27 January 2012 | 09:49

Mitrovicė – Ajeti family, consisting of 15 members, from Mitrovica will now be added a primary trouble regarding their survival. They received bitter news that they will receive a daily meal only by the end of January.

For the difficult economic and social situation, M-Magazine had reported earlier. Spouses Ajeti have 13 children and they are concerned about the decision taken by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for closing down the soup kitchen that a year now has provided free daily meal to this family. Ajeti family now is in a plight of what they are going to offer to their 13 children to eat. The head of the family, Hajriz Ajeti is concerned about the closure of the soup kitchen.

"I do not know what to do. This kitchen has provided us at least once a day a warm meal. I am at loss to know what to do, "he said depressed with bowed head.In the same trouble also is Mrs Hava. She said that besides other daily needs now she has to provide foods and other stuff. This is because their family lives on social assistance, in a house of 24 square meters, which is also not their property. "I knew I could bring home food at least once a day. May Lord help us; I do not know what to do", she says.

The closing down of the soup kitchen does not present a problem only just to this family of 15 members. About 200 poor people and other citizens will have the same problem, knowing that this kitchen provided them at least one daily hot meal. The list of those who had the right on hot meals contained about 200 person or 55 families from Mitrovica. Enver Rama, the owner of "Eminex" Company, who has run the soup kitchen in Mitrovica, has announced that it will be closed down at the end of January, as a result of discontinuation of the fund by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW).

As soon as they get this bitter news, the needy demand this not to happen and therefore turned to municipal authorities, expressing them their concerns. The director of Social Welfare, Kastriot Jashari, said the Municipality of Mitrovica would not agree with the closing down of this kitchen. He added that he would make an appeal to the Ministry about this very serious issue, thus giving hope to the needy.