The coalition is agreed between DS-SPS

The coalition is agreed between DS-SPSThis morning presidents Boris Tadic DS, SPS, Ivica Dacic, Jovan Krkobabic PUPS and Dragan...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Wednesday, 09 May 2012 | 16:06

This morning presidents Boris Tadic DS, SPS, Ivica Dacic, Jovan Krkobabic PUPS and Dragan Markovic JS have met.

The agreed Coalitions are "The choice for a better life - Boris Tadić" and "Ivica Dacic-SPS - PUPS - JS" also agreed to give support to the presidential candidate Boris Tadic in the second round of  the presidential elections, in May 20th.

President of JS Dragan Markovic Palma informed about this arrangement in a press conference about this morning and stated that SPS-PUPS-JS will be in the new cabinet.
Markovic said that in the meeting which lasted short there were no discussion about the functions, nor about premiership and it will be discussed about that after May 20. The leader of JS said that Dacic deserves premiership and that the results recommended him for that function, but that at this morning’s meeting they did not talk about that.

Markovic said that at this moment government would be formed by DS, coalition SPS-PUPS-JS, SVM and URS. When asked who is acceptable partner for coalition DS and SPS, Markovic said that he was sure that with them in the new cabinet will not be the Serbian Progressive Party.

He said that new government will have the same number or smaller of Ministries and they will reduce the number of state secretaries and agencies. Markovic invited all who voted for a coalition SPS in the parliamentary elections that in second round of presidential elections vote for Boris Tadic.
He added that the PUPS will have 12 and SPS 25 deputies. / B92 /