EP: Sharp critique for EULEX

EP: Sharp critique for EULEXBRUSSELS - Members of European Parliament and NGO representatives today at the debate in...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Thursday, 31 May 2012 | 14:45

BRUSSELS - Members of European Parliament and NGO representatives today at the debate in front of the Foreign Policy board addressed a number of remarks for the previous effect of the EULEX mission in Kosovo.

EU Civilian Operations Commander Hansjörg Haber and the head of EULEX Xavier de Marnhac on the discussion dedicated on the strategic review work of the EULEX mission, have described as successful and announced her reduction as a result of the effectiveness of the mission work and capacity improvements of Kosovo institutions, and especially the customs and police.

Haber the work of Kosovo customs estimated as "excellent", for police he said that is  ",more professional", and he pointed out that EULEX judges and prosecutors have so far concluded over 300 cases, while there are still as much  under investigation. He and de Marnhac have announced that the main focus of future missions will be transferred over to the judiciary.

The evaluation of and EULEX success  Kosovo institutions progress have not agreed many deputies, but neither the representatives of civil society which were invited to participate at today's debate.

"EULEX is not a complete failure, but almost no one in Kosovo, evaluated it positively", said Engjellushe Morina, from the NGO Initiative for Kosovo's stability.
She said that Kosovo citizens see the mission as well connected with local politicians and incapable to deal neither with the corruption roots and organized crime, nor with the situation in the north of Kosovo.

De Marnhac reminded that from the beginning of the EULEX mission work in critical conditions and that this is main reason why some objectives were not achieved.

Haber indicated that situation in north Kosovo can not be resolved by force and that former move towards that direction were "counterproductive", while solution has to seek in political and through diplomatic means.

As for the investigation of Dick Marty report about the kidnappings and illegal organ trafficking, Haber stated that the completion of EULEX Special investigation team is expected within two years, reports Tanjug.