“Der Standard” about Kosovo!

“Der Standard” about Kosovo! European Media has a special focus on Kosovo. This has been demonstrated by the daily...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Monday, 20 August 2012 | 15:26

European Media has a special focus on Kosovo. This has been demonstrated by the daily Austrian Newspaper “Der Standard”, whose author has published a story focusing on the Kosovar Serb situation between Pristina and Belgrade. “Dependent from Serbia in independent Kosovo” is head title of the newspaper.

“Der Standard” clarified that this year that the monitoring mission will come to a close, also adding the purpose Martti Ahtisaari plan, which called for a guarantee for minorities to be included in the political participation process, especially among the Serbian community. “Implementation of the Plan has been undertaken by International Civil Office (ICO). After more than four years of monitoring in independent Kosovo, the mission will leave Kosovo. At the beginning of the September, Kosovo will officially become a sovereign state.
“What has changed?” wrote Der Standard – transmit RTK.
Among other things, the daily newspaper “Der Standard” responds by highlighting the Shtërpce enclave as an example:
“The Serbian municipalities in the south are receiving money from Pristina, but they are not completely integrated in the Kosovo State. The educational system and health system for Serbs in the south remains in the hands of Serbians; both the Serbian government and Kosovo government pay teachers and Doctors in Shterpce. Albeit this issue goes against the layout of Ahtisaari Plan. Dependence on the Serbian institutions is very high as 40 - 100 thousand of Kosovor Serbs receive help from Serbia; twenty thousand Serbs in Kosovo are still receiving salaries from Belgrade. It should be noted that the points from Ahtisaari Plan are not being properly implemented. For example: Orthodox Church refuses the cooperation, when a point of the Ahtisaari Plan is to preserve and accept religious and cultural heritage. Nevertheless, out of the instructions from the plan there lie unforeseen circumstances. Whereas, two priests of the Monastery of Deçan are learning Albanian, while five others requested for Kosovar Citizenship”, wrote the newspaper.