Policeman Enver Zymberi passed away

Policeman Enver Zymberi passed awayMitrovica - At around 10:10 p.m in clinical Centre died a member of the Special Police...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Wednesday, 27 July 2011 | 09:36

Mitrovica - At around 10:10 p.m in clinical Centre died a member of the Special Police Unit of Kosovo, Enver Zymberi, wounded by a Serbian sniper during the operation in the north.  


His health condition was serious from the moment when he  was shot in the head by a sniper. Enver, was born in 1979 from one village of Dubovc in the municipality of Vucitrn  was the father of three children and was a member of the Special Police Unit in Kosovos Mitrovica region. “KMDLNJ” in Mitrovica has clarified that Zymberi was wounded at about 15:00, near the crossing point 31 in Bernjaka, while vehicles of members of the Special Unit  were going towards to this part of border. According “KMDLNJ”, they were attacked from both sides by Serbian armed criminal bands.

The president of the country has sent one condolence telegram to Enver Zymberi  family."With the great pain I received the news of the death of your loved ones, that the police officer from Kosovo, Zymberi Enver,  was seriously injured during  the task for establishing the legitimacy of Republic at crossing points with Serbia and died a few hours later. Even the Prime Minister Hashim Thaci has sent one condolence telegram Zymberi family. "The sacrifice of Enver protecting the homeland borders of the state of Kosovo will remain forever in the memory and hearts of the citizens of Kosovo, by identifying at the same time his commitment protecting freedom and peace in our country, "Thaci said in the letter sent late Tuesday evening.