Pensioners continue to place hopes in the Prime Minister

Pensioners continue to place hopes in the Prime Minister Pristina – Representatives of pensioners from all Kosovo municipalities and the...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Friday, 11 May 2012 | 11:45

Pristina – Representatives of pensioners from all Kosovo municipalities and the Chairmanship of the Union of Pensioners and Disabled Workers (CUPDW) took a unanimous decision on Thursday, that if the planned meeting with Prime Minister in respect of fulfillment of their demands ends with no positive results, there will be protest until their request are fulfilled.

Chairman of the CUPDW, Shaban Kajtazi, in the assembly of this organization has presented difficult material position of Kosovo pensioners, and the efforts to recover their rights on pension. According to Kajtazi, the last request for a meeting with Prime Minister Hashim Thaci was submitted 10 days ago.†

"We decided to wait until the negotiations with the Ministry of Labour , Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Finance, World Bank, IMF, and Prime Minister are exhausted. If our demands are not met then we will be forced as old and as sick we are to use all forms of legal and democratic means to achieve our pension rights, " Kajtazi said.

He reminded the Government that the right on pension is inalienable and can not be lost or changed by any subsequent legal act.†

"The CUPDW Assembly invites and asks the Government of Kosovo, especially the Parliament of Kosovo to urgently make the pension increase by 21 euros, with a specific decision starting as from January 1, 2012," Kajtazi said.

It also ordered the Kosovo Assembly to adopt in an expedite procedure a proper law for pensioners tax-payers by accepting their demands "that pensions be linked to average wage in Kosovo, categorized by contributions, experience and qualifications." This law is required by pensioners to be applied from the date of approval for all categories, and not from the year 2016.

According to Shaban Kajtazi, president of CUPDW, authorities are the service of the people. He stressed that Kosovo's pensioners are not asking for charity but demanding their money that they have set aside from their personal wages "under the applicable laws of that time for the old days."

Executive Director of the Council for the Protection of Rights and Freedoms (CPHRF), Behxhet Shala, said that this council will support pensioners, regardless what decision they would make until the fulfillment of their demands.