Parks are maintained only where keepers are

Parks in Mitrovica have been several times well-ordered and re- ordered. On should feel...Photo 1/1
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Parks in Mitrovica have been several times well-ordered and re- ordered. On should feel pity for the lack of their maintenance.

The investments made are not long –term. one. They are maintained or remain maintained as long as there is a park keeper. In the Park “Xhevë and Fehmi Lladrovci”, which has been re-ordered several times, every day is missing something.While, until few months ago, there were lighting in the evenings, but now they are broken. Waste baskets are no longer. Only the place where they have been placed can be discerned. They are all gone. Apparently, someone took them home, say the elders, who presume that public parks are for the benefit of the citizens. Fazli Musa is a pensioner who together with some his peers spend time. He, along with some of his peers spend their time where they can find a suitable place to rest.

“We often come with a company and spend time in this park. Every day we see broken lights, bins and seats. Shame on them for what they are doing” Musa said. The same fate has also the Quay near the main bridge of the city, where waste baskets are kicked and damaged and some of them are not in their places where they were placed in December last year by CBM ( Community Building Mitrovica), a non-governmental organization).”.
This action was taken within the project “I want to feed birds in the river”, funded by the IKV / Pax Christi of the Netherlands and implemented by organization CBM in the south and “D & G Solution” in the north of the town.  Lighting, containers and waste baskets were installed in this promenade. Also, urban youth, voluntarily, in this one –day action had organized cleaning of the Quay - promenade by the river Ibër, starting from the main  up to improvised bridge  at the “Three Towers”.

However, a better luck with a good environment for children have the residents of the neighborhood “Bair”. The park still exists in their neighborhood, even seven months after construction. This is because there are keepers who maintain the park. Children and young people of this neighborhood have a privilege compared with their peers in this city. A. Zeqiri is the mother of two children. She is glad that the park is nearby and her children have a good environment where they can have fun. “I am happy that kids are having a place to play. Parks are maintained, because here are the keepers who do not allow to be destroyed,” A. Zeqiri said. This project was completed in August 2010 and has cost about 250,000 euros. The project was funded by the European Council. A soccer field, a tennis court were constructed and many different toys for children and youth were installed in this park, and as well there is a vast space arranged for citizens. During the inauguration of the park, the Head of the Liaison Office of the EC, Kjartan Bjornson, said to the audience that if this project is managed well they will also support other projects in other areas of Mitrovica.” I encourage everyone to take care of this park.” “I accept the challenge that in other paid visits to find this park as much as beautiful, and if this space is maintained and managed properly, then I will give other areas the opportunity to have such parks that will be supported by the European Commission”, he said.

Why the municipality of Mitrovica provides keepers in some parks and in some not, spokesman of Mitrovica Municipality, Ahmet Jashari, says that the municipality had an agreement with the donor to provide park keeper after the investment in the park of the neighborhood, “Bair”, while, for the park “Xheve and Fehmi Lladrovci”, the agreement with Public Utility Company “Uniteti” will be renewed in the weeks to come. “The municipality has an agreements with donors to pay the keepers for the park in “Bair”, whereas, for the park “Xheve and  Fehmi Lladrovci” the municipality for the time being don’t have park keepers due to the lack of the budget” Ahmeti said..