UNMIK: Rebuilt houses will be demolished

UNMIK: Rebuilt houses will be demolished Mitrovica - UNMIK Administration in Northern Mitrovica threatened again the Albanians, who...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Tuesday, 03 July 2012 | 10:04

Mitrovica - UNMIK Administration in Northern Mitrovica threatened again the Albanians, who are rebuilding houses on their properties, not to do so, because they will be demolished.

Fevzi Beqiri, vice president of the Council of the Neighborhood "Bosniak Neighborhood," said that the Serbian inspector in UNMIK Administration in the northern part of the city, Alexander Barac, handed over to Rexhe Avdiu in "Bosniak Neighborhood" the decision to cease works, respectively to demolish what has been built so far on his property, which started recently, with a donation of the humanitarian evening dedicated to Mitrovuica:You can help, too”. 

UNMIK representative handed over Rexhe Avdiu another decision to demolish the house of Remzi Zeqiri, who also is constructing a house thanks to donations from humanitarian evening "You can help us, too", which is located in the same neighborhood.

Interestingly, the Serbian administration of UNMIK submitted decisions where appropriate, but the names of the owners were wrong.  

With the decision written in Albanian, but with many mistakes, dated 22.06.2012, he was ordered that within 48 hours to destroy the residential facility, with argumentation that he has no building permit from the UNMIK administration.

Further in the decision it is said that if they do not act under the decision, then the execution of the decision will be performed by force.  Although as a legal advice the decision provides the opportunity to appeal within 30 days. It says the appeal does not prevent its execution, i.e. demolition of the house. 

"We are already accustomed to such threatening and blackmailing actions that have full support of UNMIK, so these decisions do not make any impression to us. We are determined and committed to stay in our properties and preserve this part of Kosovo from further cleansing. We just need support and assistance of local and central institutions of Kosovo," Beqiri said.  “

He requires the Government of Kosovo to engage even more in construction of multi-story buildings in "Bosniak Mahala" and other northern suburbs. He thinks it is necessary, in order to enable the return of all Albanians expelled by force and continue their lives where they lived before.  

In order to finally stop the sale of the properties by the Albanians, he says, the Kosovo government should buy themselves these properties, if any, and must enable the employment of at least a member of each family living in the northern neighborhoods that do not have any employees.