Mitrovica will have the Kosovo Leadership Academy

Mitrovica will have the Kosovo Leadership AcademyMitrovica - Mayor of municipality of Mitrovica, Avni Kastrati and Donald Trott, assistant...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Wednesday, 27 July 2011 | 11:31

Mitrovica - Mayor of municipality of Mitrovica, Avni Kastrati and Donald Trott, assistant of the president of the NGO "Global Neighbors" from the U.S., have signed on Tuesday one memorandum of cooperation for establishment of one Kosovo Leadership Academy in this municipality.


Mayor of the municipality, Avni Kastrati, said the support from institutions and U.S. government have been ongoing for Mitrovica while the Leadership Academy project represents one of the largest investment in education in the municipality.On the other hand, the assistant of president of NGO "Global Neighbors",Donald Trott, said the value of this investment will be approximately $ 6 million. "It will be one unique school in Kosovo and as such it will provide one higher level of education which will differ throughout the country."

“In this academy, as he said. will be accepted around 500 students from grade 1 to grade 12. "We will respect the rules and laws regarding education Kosovo, but the system of work will be American." However, the students which will enroll in this academy will pay while managers will take care for scholarships and support those successful.Regarding the staff which will work in the academy, where will be taught in Albanian, Serbian and English  language, if there is demand, and will initially engage the American teacher, and later will trained and the local staff.

Alternatively, under a memorandum of cooperation that will be signed also by Ministry of Education and Finance,Municipality of Mitrovica will provide 2.5 hectares for the school.
While, NGO "Global Neighbors", takes responsibility to provide necessary funds for school construction and additional facilities.
This organization will need 2 years until they  provide funds for this project.