EULEX acknowledges difficulties in the north

EULEX acknowledges difficulties in the northPristina - The EU mission of the rule of law in Kosovo, EULEX, is entering the third term...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Wednesday, 25 April 2012 | 11:48

Pristina - The EU mission of the rule of law in Kosovo, EULEX, is entering the third term in row that lasts two years, without solving a problem that was supposed to address it in its infancy - the exercise of authority throughout the territory Kosovo.

After four years of operation, the mission has made many inquiries, initiated court procedures, but not in the entire territory of Kosovo. Northern Kosovo has remained restricted area for EULEX.

Failure of this mission to operate in the most problematic part of Kosovo have repeatedly worried KFOR and NATO, to the extent that the general secretary of the North Atlantic Alliance, complained publicly in the inability of EULEX to perform its work.

EULEX officials do not want to comment on the statements of Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, but admit that in the north they have difficulty implementing the mandate. 

"EULEX is facing difficult circumstances in the north and is using every opportunity to implement the mandate," Lambert Francoicse, spokeswoman of this mission, said. 

But the public appearance of NATO Secretary is just the culmination of constant complaints that KFOR and other international representatives have had for the mission. Such has been the Government of Kosovo, which the same as EULEX does not function in the north. 

The mission is expected to start implementing the mandate as from June, which will be extended until 2014. The EU has adopted a strategic review of the mission, according to a survey conducted by an expert group, which is being discussed by member states. / /