Abort 5 thousand saplings planted

Abort 5 thousand saplings planted Mitrovica – In the frame of the world Earth Day about 5 thousand saplings were...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Monday, 23 April 2012 | 14:36

Mitrovica – In the frame of the world Earth Day about 5 thousand saplings were planted near the village of Koshtovė, Mitrovica.

B.Feka, resident of this village was out to observe the organizers and volunteers planting saplings. He was pleased with this action that, according to him, will contribute to the environment of this area, "Our neighborhoods suffer greatly from the stench caused by landfill. I hope the planting of saplings will affect the cleaner environment for the whole town, "he said.

High school students, KSF soldiers and few citizens were engaged in planting of saplings (pine trees). This project started as a symbolism of the activities that were organized in the framework of April 22 – Earth Day.

In the event organized by the Ministry of Environment and supported by the directorate of Agriculture, Education of Mitrovica municipality, besides senior officials of various ministries, also participated Deputy Minister of KSF, Shemsi Veseli, and the mayor, Avni Kastrati.

Both have highly appreciated the great importance of projects dealing with environmental improvement. Deputy Minister Veseli said that Mitrovica is not randomly selected for realization of this project. "Being that Mitrovica has inherited a severe state of the environment it was decided right here to help with projects of this nature." 

He said that KSF is ready to help in every aspect that relates to the improvement of living conditions. Whereas mayor, Avni Kastrati said that Mitrovica has great need for support in the environmental field. "We have inherited a serious condition in the environmental field, so we welcome these kinds of projects."

He said the municipality of Mitrovica is working in improvement of the current situation, but projects of this nature are very costly. "In recent years there were various projects dealing with environment, but there is still great need for investment in this direction." 

Whereas Ahmet Jashari, Information Officer in Mitrovica Municipal Assembly told M-Magazine that the planting of trees is welcome to Mitrovica residents. "This area of approximately two hectares will contribute a little bit in the environment and it will be our ongoing project for creation of better environment," he said.