Rona from Mitrovica in Eurosong 2012

Rona from Mitrovica in Eurosong 2012This is an interview with Rona Nishliu, a singer from Mitrovica, who will represent...Photo 1/6
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Written by M-Magazine Thursday, 03 May 2012 | 11:16

This is an interview with Rona Nishliu, a singer from Mitrovica, who will represent Albania in Eurosong 2012 to be held in Azerbaijan. She won with the song "Suus" in the 50th edition of Song Festival of the ART.

M-Magazine – Initially on behalf of M-Magazine and readers I would like to congratulate you for your success in the Eurovision 2012,

Rona Nishliu† -† Many thanks, I'm happy for the triumph of "Suus" in the† 50th† edition of the Song Festival in ART. It is the only traditional and historic festival. I am proud that the 50th edition entrusted me with the epithet of the winner.

M-Magazine –† Could you explain the moments of the festival, competition and of the jury? †
†Rona Nishliu - It was a very valuable, beautiful experience, and a period from which I learned a lot. It was exactly the 50th edition of the festival that attracted me. Orchestra of Albanian Radio Television was returning after 20 years in its full line-up. I was extremely happy I was having everybody supporting me while singing. What unforgettable moments.† †

M-Magazine – Certainly you were happy about the victory in the Song Festival in ART. How did you manage that moment?
Rona Nishliu† - Such moments can not be managed, those should be experienced.† And I experienced them with my whole soul. †

M-Magazine - You will represent all Albanians in the Eurovision? Feel responsible? †
†Rona Nishliu† -† Certainly I feel responsibility in my soul for the sake of all those who believe in "Suus" and made possible this song went beyond the limits. †

M-Magazine - The song "Suus" broke out of your body. How and with whom you came to this realization?
†Rona Nishliu† - I believe that today each of us has many reasons and situations of which can be inspired. "Suus" is quiet and peaceful reaction like the word and act against unpleasant period in which I passed, and I assume many have passed it. I just needed to share it with my audience. †

M-Magazine - What is your current commitment? †
Rona Nishliu† -† Currently I am too much engaged in the promotion of the song in different countries that will participate in the first night of the semifinals in the Eurovision, when I will sing on behalf of Albania, too.† †

M-Magazine - Although music is universal, in what language you will sing your song?
Rona Nishliu† - I will sing it in Albanian.

M-Magazine - What ranking do you think you will position Albania in Eurosong 2012?
†Rona Nishliu† -† I think the ranking or position in the chart are irrelevant towards a dignified and serious presentation.

M-Magazine - You will travel to Azerbaijan. On what date and order will you be presented?
Rona Nishliu† -† In Eurosong I will appear on May 22, and I will sing as the fifth. †

M-Magazine - With what passport will you travel?
Rona Nishliu† -† Surely with Albanian passport. †

M-Magazine - Now that you achieved this success, what next after Eurovision? †
Rona Nishliu† -† I like to leave it to the course of time.

M-Magazine - Who are you grateful for your successes?
Rona Nishliu - My family, audience, friends, colleagues, associates.

M-Magazine - You were born in Mitrovica, and how often do you visit it?
Rona Nishliu† - Not so often. Besides engagements, I am limited by the inability of free movement in the part where I was born. †

M-Magazine -What do your childhood remind you?
Rona Nishliu - The part of the town that I can not visit today.

M-Magazine – Do you remember first grade teacher?
Rona Nishliu† -† Certainly! However I had two teachers, since in the first grade I have changed my school. Shqipe and Lumnije were my first teachers; however my beloved teacher Lume accompanied me to the fourth grade. She took the phone to congratulate me for my success, I was as happy as a child, therefore I send my best regards through this interview.

M-Magazine - Besides the music, what your every day life looks like?
Rona Nishliu† - An every day life with various activities, work and passion intertwined together. Meetings with people of my heart during leisure time, music for my soul, movies, reading, etc.

M-Magazine† -M-Magazine wishes you success in the future.† What would your message be to our readers?
Rona Nishliu - Thank you for space you spare to me. I thank readers who spared their valuable time to read this interview. I wish the Albanians wherever they are to be with me on May 22, since this would be the only way I will be able to go further in the final night. Thank you for your constant support. I feel stronger with you.


Rona Nishliu from Mitrovica on Saturday, May 26 in Eurovision final night with her song "Suus" is ranked among five best songs.
Eurovision 2012 was held in Baku - Azerbaijan, while Rona has ranked Albania in the list of five best songs of 'Eurovision'.

In this festival 42 countries competed. Sweden won first place, Russia was second, Serbia third, Azerbaijan fourth and Albania was fifth.