Albulena’s road toward success

Albulena’s road toward success Albulena Gubetini, (16) from Mitrovica, is Kosovo champion and European vice champion in...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Friday, 25 November 2011 | 09:37

Albulena Gubetini, (16) from Mitrovica, is Kosovo champion and European vice champion in boxing. Albulena took first place in Kosovo Boxing Championship in December 2009, which was held in Prizren, when she was only 13 years old.

In European International Tournament (Glwice) in Poland, held this year, she took second place, winning the silver medal. Albulena has won many other medals in Kosovo and in Europe. This very young girl has begun going in for womens boxing at age 13. Since Albulena Gubetini comes from Mitrovica, and for she lays a lot of claims to the sport of women boxing, M-Magazine did an exclusive interview with her.

M-Magazine: Can you tell us something about the beginning of your career as a distinguished athlete and winner of several titles and medals in Kosovo and abroad?
Gubetini: My career began in 2006, where at first I was not interested in the sport of boxing, but in handball. However the circumstances were of that kind that we trained in the same place the boxing club did. It was my interest that I could not help watching them training boxing, and then emerged the desire to go in this sport; of course with the help of coach Mehmet Haxhani, who enabled me to be part of the sport club and with my commitment I have achieved all this success.

M-Magazine: Can you tell us how many medals have you won so far and what kind of medals?
Gubetini: During three years of my going in for this sport Ive won 9 medals and as well the cup as "Champion of Kosovo" in the sport of women boxing, and as well the medals as follow: Gold Medal, Silver Medal and I have also taken first places in Kosovo and abroad. 

M-Magazine: In your sport activity how do you manage the time in relation with studies?
Gubetini: In sport activity that I go in for, I do not have much time to pay to studies, but somehow I try to work it out.

M-Magazine: Is it hard for you as a young girl to be engaged in the sport of boxing, given that even in the most developed countries, the boxing was recently become an interesting for women?
Gubetini: To me personally its not hard to go in boxing since I think I like boxing from the bottom of my heart, and therefore I neglect all my other obligations just for boxing.

M-Magazine: Given that among us exist the wrong mentality that women should not do boxing; have you found it difficult to break this mentality?
Gubetini: At first I found boxing a bit difficult, because of the wrong mentality among us, but the great desire to do boxing and at the same time the support of my family, have exceeded everything and now all women are proud of me for many medals Ive won.

M-Magazine: Do you have sufficient conditions for training and do you have support from the Federation and respective institutions?
Gubetini: In BC "Trepca" conditions for training are the very minimum, and also we do not have adequate support from the municipality or the Federation.

M-Magazine: Do you expect to participate this year in any tournament?
Gubetini: Well... this year it is unlikely to have any match, even though I would like very much. There are not many female boxers to organize a match, I mean here in Kosovo.

M-Magazine: Your success is evident and many are not aware of it. You have become a champion in women boxing in Kosovo and vice champion of Europe. How did the Boxing Federation and institutions reward you?
Gubetini: For the success Ive had so far I was not rewarded with anything or financially by Kosovo Boxing Federation or any relevant institutions, except by my family, which was my only support, moral and financial one.

M-Magazine: What would your message be to those young people who, like you, work hard in order to achieve success?

Gubetini: My message to young people would be that, no matter the difficulties and conditions, they should go more in sports and avoid negative occurrences, and I hope young people would not have my fate not to have support from relevant institutions. I wish them success and I thank M-Magazine for giving me the opportunity, which so far has not been given to me by any other media.