The most regular reader awards.

The most regular reader awards.Traditional action of declaring “reader of the year” was held in the City Library...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Monday, 23 January 2012 | 10:47

Traditional action of declaring “reader of the year” was held in the City Library "Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic" in the northern part of Mitrovica.

Mitrovica - From over three thousand members were selected the twenty best readers of the library which have been awarded with books.Director of the City Library Milena Tepavcevic, said that the library exists because of readers and that their enthusiasm, is an motivation for employees to work even better."All of them motivate us to persist and persist as a cultural and information center which contributes to the education, upbringing and intellectual development of personality", she said.

Tepavcevic added that that this way they want to reward readers which were the best this year, who not only have read many books but have returned them in time to the library.Between the awarded readers is biggest number were the youth. One of them is Olivera Tomasevic, a third year student of serbian literature. Tomasevic said that she was very pleased with service as well with supply of books in the library which is located in the northern part of Mitrovica.

"Basically I use literature which I need for exams. Although I have relatively little free time, I get to read a book for my soul, "said Tomasevic.Besides the younger readers, there were also people from the older generation. One of them is retired Milenko Nesic. Although it has a rich home library he regularly comes to the city library, whereas says he found a lot of books that interest him, even some from nineteenth century, making him especially delighted.

Nesic believes that the children today do not read enough. "I think kids today read much less, which is a big mistake, to be more engaged with computers, games than they read books", he said.Nesic emphasized that without reading of the books they shall never learn nor their own neither a a foreign language, especially considering eg. translation work because, as he explained, if they do not know their language nothing that can be translated to any language other which is not native.

For those who are not fans of the book, Nesic noted proverb of a Belgrade professor : "If you are not on a mood to read than you are wasting your time, but before that try it once, two or three times. Perhaps you will find a book or the book will find you ".Besides the younger readers, the awards were granted to and to the co-workers which, as she Tepavcevic pointed out, help employees to promote a book, reading and library as an important cultural institution in the city.