Learn and make use of every good opportunity

Learn and make use of every good opportunityVushtrri- Gloriosa Dobra (16 years), student of the Gymnasium, "Eqrem Qabej" in...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Wednesday, 18 January 2012 | 09:40

Vushtrri- Gloriosa Dobra (16 years), student of the Gymnasium, "Eqrem Qabej" in Vushtrri has been announced for years as the best student of this school and winner of many awards for participation in many activities at school and as well municipal level, and recently for being a successful presenter in the public media of Kosovo Radio Television (RTK), as a presenter of childrens show "Magic Box”.

"It is an honor to our school to have a student as Gloriosa Dobra, which is elected for years the best student of the school. Except her great success in school, Gloriosa Dobra is an excellent example to all her peers ", Hajdin Hajdini, deputy principal of the school, says. 

Although only 16 years old, her old wish come true to become a television presenter.
In an exclusive interview for M-warehouse, she revealed to us and spoke extensively about her successes

"Thanks to the work and great will, except great successes that I have achieved in the school, I have participated in numerous activities at the local level, in many quizzes organized by schools and by the Municipality of Vushtrri , where I received many rewards for taking second and third place, whereas in 2008 for taking the first place as the best reciter in the municipal level, "she says.

Upon selecting the three most distinguished students in Vushtrri I was one of them chosen to represent the municipality in competitions held throughout Kosovo, in order to display values and skills among distinguished children of all other municipalities of Kosovo. This selection was made by Qerim Selimi, the director of the Directorate of Education in Vushtrri municipality.
I also managed to get a position of Youth network of NGO “Aureloa” in Pristina..

Thanks to great work and will my old wish came true to become a successful presenter in Kosovo Radio Television Kosovo (RTK). 

"In one of many meetings I used to have, I was lucky to meet Shqipe Halili, RTK chief editor for children, who saw my communication skills and invited me or better say made possible to display my skills in the show "Magic Box", the show I used to run since 2010, where I have a very good cooperation with all show staff, hoping to continue with other programs.

Presentation satisfies my soul and I perform this kind of job with pleasure, hoping to continue doing this job, and besides this I will choose another profession; which one I am still not sure” Dobra said. 

In my lifetime I challenged myself as an actor where in June this year I also won the prize for the promising actress in the comedy play"Good Morning interest," which was performed at the Cultural Center "Hasan Prishtina”in Vushtrri

Normally all these successes make me feel happy and give me strength and will to go on, always thanking my family that supports me in my life.

At the end of this interview, she send a message to all her peers: "I have a message for all of you to learn and use every good opportunity that you come across, because only by learning and participating in various activities your wishes could come true. Thanks M-magazine for revealing my successes