Subventions, the motivation for agriculture development

Subventions, the motivation for agriculture development Vushtrri- A large number of Vushtrri farmers has succeeded in the growth and expansion of...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Tuesday, 21 February 2012 | 09:46

Vushtrri- A large number of Vushtrri farmers has succeeded in the growth and expansion of their agricultural plantations. The development of agriculture has come as a result of obtaining large donations from various organizations operating in Kosovo.  


Grants that these farmers have benefited are mainly for regulation of greenhouses and as well for cultivation of fruit growing. The subvention of Vushtrri farmers is realized by helping them in financing of the half of the project, while the rest should be covered by farmers themselves.  One of many farmers that has benefited these funds is Zejnullah Rrustemi, who comes from the village of Nadakofc, Vucitrn municipality, who has been allocated about 6000 euros by “ The initiative for agricultural development”  Association (IADK), headquartered in Mitrovica.He expressed satisfaction as the beneficiary of this donation and is very optimistic on the development of this business.
He says that he has planted 50 ari of land with about 1100 apple saplings. There are 6 types of apples out of these saplings.

He did not face any difficulties while planting and everything went as planned thanks to the donors’ assistance and support.  He said he had planted saplings 2 years ago and in the autumn of this year he expects to go to market with the first yields of this culture. Should everything go as planned he expects to get about 3 tons of apples.But while cultivating this culture, he said, one may encounter many dangers, such as the weather conditions and early spring frosts which leads to the destruction of culture. "Another problem of concern will be great competition in the market but I believe we will have a good quality and somehow we will manage," he said.
He also expressed his satisfaction regarding the above mentioned association - "As the beneficiary of this donation I am satisfied with this association, because they keep promises," he said.

"Despite numerous problems and risks we may face with cultivation of this culture, the problem would be the storage of some sorts of apples that require a certain temperature for maintenance," he concludes.  Zenel Bunjaku, director of the “Initiative for agricultural development” Association (IADK), said that these subventions are a big motive for many citizens to be engaged in farming. However, subvention beneficiaries are people who are not registered as farmers, which mean they run this business as a complementary activity.

"IADKs commitments in this project are related to providing advisory services to selected beneficiaries for cultivation of the apple orchards of different varieties, respectively, IADK will plan and implement the Integrated Production Management (IPM ) plan; they will train, advise and monitor cultivators in all aspects of cultivation, maintenance and protection of orchards, "he said. He also said that IADK will continue with the training of various groups of farmers involved in intensive cultivation of apple. For each group 5 to 10 interested farmers will be found as the beneficiaries of this program. Trainings will include topics of technical aspects of building apple orchards for the production of integrated management. "The project aims to promote new systems of cultivation of apple orchards with high density, with the support system, irrigation system, promotion of new cultivators and promotion of integrated protection standard in the cultivation of apples," he concludes.