Businesswomen hardly get loans

Businesswomen hardly get loans  Mitrovica - Like in all towns of Kosovo, women in Mitrovica are engaged in various...Photo 1/1
Written by 62 Thursday, 17 January 2013 | 10:12

  Mitrovica - Like in all towns of Kosovo, women in Mitrovica are engaged in various businesses, mostly in small ones. To know exactly how many women in Mitrovica are included this year in business we contacted officials of Business Registration Office.

Florie Ibishi, head of Business Office in Mitrovica, told M-Magazine that compare to previous years, the percentage of businesses ran by women has dropped 8 to 10 percent.


“The possibility is smaller for women to get a loan. Banks ask for mortgage, whether do they have assets.  This is a reason for not granting a loan for business. I think that for not registering the businesses, a great affect has non support of donors, and as well malfunctioning of business women association”, she says.

Besnik Rexhepi, a business registration official told M-Magazine that women in Mitrovica are engaged more in small business. As for the business registration office, the procedures are facilitated and carried out within a day. We assist in speeding up the procedure and afterwards send it to Pristina for approval of KBRA (Kosovo Business Registration Agency).

In Mitrovica there are many women running small businesses who have will power and extraordinary self-confidence. One of them is Barie Peci who runs a small business in tailoring. She runs a workshop and had employed 8 people. She has as well 2 wedding dresses boutiques. Barie Peci, skilled craftsman and business women in tailoring says that serious economic situation in the country had an impact on the reduction of business this year. Razie Jeliqi, a businesses woman, too, that runs the Boutique Fiona told M-Magazine the same things, that this year revenue was unsatisfactory