The performance "Nori" ready for the premiere on June 1

The performance Mitrovica - Managing staff of the City Professional Theatre in Mitrovica said Wednesday...Photo 1/1
Written by M-Magazine Thursday, 31 May 2012 | 11:26

Mitrovica - Managing staff of the City Professional Theatre in Mitrovica said Wednesday they were making the last rehearsal for the premiere of the play "Nori" that will be on June 1, which addresses a very current topic that remains unfinished as the situation itself in reality.

Theater manager, Mirsad Ferati, said, "Nori" with the text of Albana Muja and directed by the Mitrovica doyen Melihate Qena will be the second premiere of the play”.  
"It is about a text that interlaces the social issue and negative phenomena in our society while in the show are engaged proven professionals hoping they will perform a successful show that will affect people to combat such phenomena, but also in the creation of a new generation of art lovers, and in enrichment of cultural life in Mitrovica "

The director Melihate Qena in a meeting with journalists expressed her confidence that it will be a performance that will deliver significant messages, since the all group have made much effort to get it successful, however she says it is very important children be satisfied.  
She stressed that the work started in 1948 and 1953 in Mitrovica by well-known Muharrem Qena continues by many followers of scene art in the city by the Iber River. ity edge caliber.

"This environment generated well-known names and has created successful shows for years, but what is worrying is non continuity of work. I hope that this time with everyone's commitment there will be created the continuity and a new generation of art lovers will be created, but as well of young artists who will defy difficulties and challenges of being   professional ".

Actors Shengyl Ismajli, Cameria Ceraja, Arben Asllani and Artan Hetemi have played a part of the show, in which it was presented the commitment of children to collect money in order to help Besa whose mother is sick and could not afford her medical treatment
Shengyl Ismajli who plays a role of Besa said that it has not been so easy to enter the world of a 12-year – old girl, but he believes he will succeed.
Arben Asllani of Mitrovica, who plays the role of "Nori" feels honored for having the opportunity to be engaged in the City Professional Theater, despite the difficulties in presenting the children’s world, considering it the most sincere category of people.
The premiere will be performed on International Children's Day on June 1, with support of ProCredit bank and NNT "Fitimi" in Mitrovica.